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It's a unique application that can convert pictures to cartoons
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Cartoon Generator is a simple utility that lets you create cartoons from your own pictures. It does that by applying some graphic effects to photos in order to make them look like they’re hand-drawn cartoons. This interesting tool is in fact a very easy-to-use picture to cartoon converter. It allows batch converting multiple images at the same time by applying the same cartoon effects to them in bulk mode.

Being very easy-to-use is one of its most remarkable advantages. Its interface is very simple, neat and straightforward. Even beginners can use it without any problem, as in order to create cartoons from photos, loading the images and applying one of 19 preset effects (called “styles”) is all that’s needed to be done. These preset effects can be customized, as the application lets you tweak advanced parameters such as sketch detail level, darkness amount, dot sensitivity, and so on. You can preview the effects of the changes as well as the resulting cartoon in real-time, being capable of easily deciding what other tweaks should be made.

Another great thing about this program, besides the fact that it’s very easy-to-use, is the fact that it creates truly impressive cartoons. For a free tool, that’s quite surprising, but this also makes Cartoon Generator even more appealing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Batch conversion capabilities


  • Help is available only online
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